2 definitions by dookislord

A small steamy soft turd that plops out of your ass after a round of extremely boisterous flatulence that leaves you feeling like you haven't wiped your butthole in years.
Example 1
"Bro my butthole feels hot and greasy i cant stop shitting out bakugous."

Example 2

"I was so disappointed i was farting for 10 minutes and felt like i was giving birth through my asshole and all that came out was a bakugou"
by dookislord August 21, 2018
A devastatingly violent shit with the girth of a fosters beer can that flies out of your asshole at mach 1 causing poo splatter all over the bowl, your ass, and your life. leaving you feeling utterly violated and abused in ways that an assrapery victim cant event describe. Mabinogi's are followed by the distinct smell not unlike that of rancid tuna salad in a dead homeless guys ass.
Example 1:
"BROOOO WHAT THE ACTUAL MOTHER FUCK!?!?! You broke my moms toilet with that mabinogi, what died in here?"

Example 2:
Boy : Holy shit what the hell is that smell???
Girl : I just dropped a righteous mabinogi, wanna fuck my ass its already gaping!
by dookislord November 2, 2016