These people are known to be total A-Holes.
they beg, whine, tick people off and comment negatively on basically anything that isn't runescape.

Not all runescape players are Runecapers, they average player will usually play, forget and play again, while the Runescaper will play, play, brag, rant, play,play and be a jackass, or whack off.

They are heard talking about runescape 80% of the time. other times they are being jackasses or ranting on another game, that's probably better.

hanging around runescapers are like hanging around cock blockers or twat swatters, commonly turning the very flirty (or normal) conversation into something really gay or embarrassing, provided you are not a runescaper.

Greg: yo, i made this awesome cake
hot chick: That looks great
RS: THE C@K3 1 M@D3 0N RUN3SC4P3 IS 1000000 T1M3S B3TT4R!1!
(the cake i made on runescape is 1000000 times better)
hot chick: yeah... i should go....
Greg: WAIT NO!!! DX
An online adventure game that turns normal aspiring human beings into brainwashed robots.

I myself know from experience; i played this game for over 4 years starting in 2002. Let me tell you, in my 19 years of life, those 4 years were the darkest, most desolate years ever. I quit soccer two years ago to make more time to play. I ditched guitar. At this time two years ago, (1:37AM), my "rune night" would have begun and continued well into the afternoon of the next day.

The feeling while playing this game is ironically satisfactory. While playing, you think of nothing but the game. Personal and worldy affairs don't mean a thing. In fact, the most important thing on your mind is when and how you're going to get that next combat level. A news report about a bridge collapsing in Minnesota and plunging 50 cars hundereds of feet into the Mississippi river won't phase you. If you're away from runescape, i.e. in school, you find yourself thinking and fantasizing about the game, as if you're going to have sex with an incredibly gorgeous woman when you get home. Oddly enough, after playing, you feel a a feeling of resentment, from yourself and the declining number of people you know, regardless if those people you know play Runescape or not.

The addictive quailities in this game are stifling, as simple movements of the finger are ONLY required to play this game. Yet the game is a drug. The fact that goals in runescape are extremely infatuating to achieve and are much more convinient to achieve than real life goals are what make this game addicting.

Luckily, the players are in Runescape are starting to decline in terms of maturity and decency, which is helping to draw some players away. But this is not enough. If you want to quit playing, it has to hit you. I sat on my rooftop on a cold Decemeber night at 3AM after playing for hours and reflected on what Runescape does for me. The answer is it doesn't mean a god damn thing, even though those skill goals are drawing you back to the game. The thought of wasting hours to fuel a ridiculous addiction plagued me, and finally i said fuck it. I wanted to go back inside and play the game so badly, and I did. This time i took EVERY item and owned and dropped it. Made a bogus and lengthy password and recovery questions by typing in the answers while closing my eyes and my addiction was cured.

That was four months ago. I have not been back, and never will be back. My account is locked by my own doing and will forever be lost. This game came close to ruining my life, had i not taken action. Bottom line: if you are addicted and know you have to quit, do it now while the thought is fresh and before you are thrusted back into the lies of Runescape. Act now, destroy your account, and you will be cured.
Studies show that runescape has increased suicide rates by 20% since the release of RS2
by pajaime December 5, 2007
Best british export since world domination and colonization.
Damn UK totally went down the drain in last several decades, best they have done is runescape.
by 32121 July 23, 2016
Example 1-
Bob: Hey, we're all going to the pool. Want to come?
Me: No, I need to get 99 wc.
Bob: Huh?
Me: Level 99 woodcutting. Believe me, it's important.
Bob: How long will that take?
Me: Well, a couple months overall. I'm in my sixth week of training, so it shouldn't be too long now if I keep playing at 10 hours a day.
Bob: *flees the vicinity*

Example 2-
Jane: Hey, what are you doing?
Me: Playing RuneScape.
Jane: Nerd.
Me: Noob.
by Enigmatical April 6, 2010
this game reminds me of people playing snkae on cell phones. once youve played it and you get bored later, its the first thing you think of doing. you know its a waste of time but you cant stop. i advise you to NEVER play this unless you want it to consume your soul... i wish i hadnt gotten into it...
runescape has a better chance of taking over the world than hitler had...
by some guy February 4, 2005
The single most addictive thing that exists or ever will exist.

Somehow, despite being so incompetent that they have a worse support team than EA (which goes against the laws of physics). JaGex have managed to make a game in which swinging an ugly-ass axe at an ugly-ass tree releases enough dopamine into the human brain to turn a healthy, happy human being with friends into a mindless zombie that only wants to play Runescape. The effect is even more devastating on young children. Chuck Norris himself, if exposed to runescape would struggle to resist it's mind destroying, soul crushing addictiveness.

It requires at least 562 Nonillion times more willpower to quit runescape than it does to quit cigarretes, and at least 789 Quattuortrigintillion times as much as that to quit it forever. Someone who can quit runescape and not play it ever again could go through an eternity of the most brutal torture, and upon it ending they would go home and carry on as normal.

The only way someone can stop playing runescape (aside from having an inconceivable amount of willpower) is if their computer breaks down for an extended period, or anything else that will completely prevent them from playing runescape, like a coma, or death.

If someone who plays runescape passes into a coma they will never wake up, as they will just dream of playing runescape, drowing out any attempt to revive them with the monotonous sound of a rune pickaxe striking a rock.

In short, don't play runescape.
Person 1: Hey wanna play Runescape?
Person 2: Wait, you play Runescape?
Person 1: Yeah, so what?
Person 2: Umm.... wanna go play outside instead?
Person 1: What is outside?
by Phingulwup February 25, 2013
an online mmorpg, my experience of runescape is generally good, it was quite satisfying to have these goals that you set yourself on it, but i only recommend you play this if you having nothing else to do, dont ever let it get in the way of real life goings on like school and social life, it is never too late to quit and it is easy to stop being a hermit an live life, my excuse was "hey what else would i be doing" but on reflection it was a waste of 4 years. YOU MUST KNOW WHEN TO STOP!
by mcvities1234 April 22, 2011