Terribad money-grubbing lazy game hosting company.

If you are able to get through to them via Support Ticket, they refuse to help in any possible way.

Nexon also has a list of pre-written messages that they copy-paste when replying to a person's ticket due to their inability to use keys other than Ctrl, C, and V.
1. PERSON: Hello, I would like to report (player) for harassment. (Insert Details & Proof)

NEXON: We are sorry for the inconvenience, being a fellow gamer I understand how hard this must be for you. However, we cannot do anything about the player at this time, as you did not provide us with proof or details. If you feel there is still a problem, make a new ticket. /CloseTicket

2. PERSON: My account was locked for inactivity and I no longer have access to my email, so i cannot reactivate my account. Could I get my registered email changed so I can reactivate?

NEXON: /AutoClose

3. PERSON: You guys are unbelievably retarded.

NEXON: We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we cannot fix your problem at this time. Please resubmit your ticket if you feel there is still an issue. /CloseTicket
by isobord February 15, 2013
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A drug commonly used by children who say they are in high school. This drug forces them to not be able to tell right from wrong. Most of the time they will go take money from their parents and buy something called NX. This nx is something that grants them addiction to a video game. But eventually anything they do with it will expire, thus causing them to steal more money.
Hey man wanna buy some Nexon?

Sure, how much?


Ok, brb g2g get my moms credit card

(comes back)

(smokes the nexon)

I want to get some NX

(gets mother's credit card)

(buys nx)

Oh these pixels r cool

(items expire)

**** i need more NX

time to find my mom's purse
by thedeliciousmonkeyfromhell October 14, 2011
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A greedy company who likes to brainwash kids to steal money from their mommies purses to buy NX, for purchasing pixelized items, which expire.
by NexonSucks March 11, 2009
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An evil company that is responsible for the highly addictive game MapleStory. Which is responsible for 20% of the hobos in this country.
Darn, I don't have any money to buy Nexon cash with, I'll go steal my mothers credit card!
by Intervention August 5, 2007
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Quite possibly the worst company known to mankind, just slightly better than the tobacco industry. Notorious for doing nothing against hackers that ruin their games, and for twiddling their thumbs while crippling lag makes their games unplayable. Whenever players ask for such major problems to be fixed, they are promptly ignored and are instead offered a half-assed appeasement, usually in the form of useless gear.
A soldier is bleeding to death from a gun shot

Soldier: "Help! Medic! I need a medic over here!"

Nexon replies "A gun shot? Well how about some ice cream with rainbow sprinkles?"

Soldier responds "Um did'nt you here me? I'm dying here!"

Nexon responds "Oh oh ok, right right. Here how about a some balloon animals? And they can be yours for only $25!"
by combatarmsux April 30, 2010
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A fail company that started Mabinogi, Maple Story, and Combat Arms, and a few others in a work in progress. They've forced down to delete countless private servers and pissed off many players. In Maple Story, they've forced people to buy items from their Cash Shop, thus making Fox make a news broadcast about the online game. Though it was ineffective, that's another story.
Nexon is, so far, the only gaming company that has pissed me off. And I'm easy to impress.
by MisaTange July 5, 2009
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Nexon is a communistic corporation and current holders of the online franchise Maple Story. Nexon is notorious for being "greedy" and "money-hungry," where the purchasing of NX Cash is deemed a "scam." However, the purchasing of said NX Cash is actually the first step in their plan to rule the world, being a so-called "treaty" between the company and player. Nexon has also released Kart Rider and Audition, both with the same NX Cash system. See Maple Story, Audition, and Kart Rider for their respective ideals.
Edith cursed Nexon for charging his mother's PayPal account with $4,352.00 in the past month.
by BassChan October 18, 2007
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