The taker of souls and life.
Joe: The reaps came for my uncle yesterday.

Stan: im sorry bro
Joe: nah its ok he was a fag
by DOPE POPE April 5, 2017
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Very Powerful Figure in Todays society, Respected by millions, Praised by many more. A Master of all Skills Known to Man, and a funny guy :)
I wish i was as good as Reaps
by Johnny July 23, 2003
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When someone kills a joke you say 'reaps'. This comes from the death persona of the Grim Reeper who kills people.
Joke Teller: yo momma is so fat she makes jabba the hut look anorexic!

Friends: hahahahahahhaha

Joke Killer: hahahha i get it it's because jabba the hut is actually fat so his mom makes him look really skinny because she is so much fatter!

Everyone else: ...reaps
by jp12 June 19, 2009
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