Women who are born on March 27th are the most amazing beings. Her beauty is incomparable. She is connected to the ocean. Her birthstone is aquamarine. Her beauty will never age. She’s a beautiful dangerous siren. Her love is pure but fatal. She can lure you in with her beautiful eyes and voice. She’s delicate but strong. She knows what she wants.
March 27 that girl must be a true born siren if she was born on this day.
by Havenvelour October 16, 2019
If your born on this date ur one of the baddest bitches out there. All the niggas want you, ur super thick and always lookin good.
March 27
by Bad bitchhh 101 November 3, 2019
Baddies this is the day baddies was born
Omq U were born on March 27 U a real baddie
by Malajah November 8, 2019
This day, is Ace Lalisa Day. Asia's miracle, Lalisa Manoban was born on this day.

So people born on this day are cool, Charismatic, Cute, beautiful, kind, sexy, ethereal, literal Sunshine, hardworking, down to earth, humble, kind and all good things.
On March 27, 1997, Lalisa Manoban came into this world, to rule the hearts of people.
by Avatar Lisa October 15, 2019
National ding dong ditch day

Go ding dong ditch sum1
“ITS MARCH 27th!”
*dings the dong*
*white woman calls police*
by March 27 October 16, 2019
National Appreciation Day for the Gay Babies of your friend group.

Smother and spoil your small gay friends on this day and shower them with your own gay love.

Or just say no homo or no hetero, either way, pop off sis-
Omg!!! It's March 27th!! Time to smother my gay little FuCkIn sHiTs- 💞💞💞
by The Smol Gay October 29, 2019