A free and legal drug that's more addicting than crack. Once you're hooked, you'll want more and more, and you will become sleep deprived with no social life. Some even go so far as to steal their parents' credit cards to buy pixelated clothes and accessories. Don't let the innocent and cute looking mushroom fool you. The first time you see it, you will laugh, but once you're in to it, it will be serious business.
What kind of a childish game is this?.. Maplestory? ahaha looks like a kid for babies *few days later*

by silvereyezz July 10, 2012
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A game with the simplest, yet most addicting objective ever: Leveling up to level up some more.
l337H4x: Yeah I'm almost level 50 in Maplestory!
LegitNub: What're you going to do at level 50?
l337H4x: Get to level 51, duhh
LegitNub: Oh...
by MaypoFr33k June 17, 2009
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A MMORPG that millions of people play, but hate. It's just addictive... No one likes it, but you can't stop playing. It's like they put nicotine in it or something.
(Character around lvl 50): "Maplestory SUCKS!"
(Noob): "Then quit..."
(lvl 50 Character): "I CAN'T IT'S TOO ADDICTING!!!!!"
by SBFreeze July 20, 2008
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Steaming pile of shit. Highly addictive. More so than heroine. It's literally torture. Unfortunately, all the "players" they talk of in their ad's are just depressed children (and some creepy ass adults) who can't get off the drug...
Depressed Kid- "Dad, go to the store and buy me some Nexon cash!"

Dad- "Well son, I've already spend 500 dollars on Nexon cash for you this month. Can't you go without it for a little while?

Depressed Kid- "Dad shut the fuck up or I'll beat your ass again! Now go to the store!"

Dad- "Son, it's just that...well...you seem to have been acting differently since you've been playing that game. You're locked in your room all day. You don't even use the bathroom anymore, you just have a bucket which you empty out the window onto our neighbors car. The family misses you at the dinner table...please...I want my son back....what have you done Maplestory?!?!"

Depressed Kid- "Ok bitch, I fucking warned you" *beats Dad's ass and steals credit card* "Haha now I can have all the Nexon Cash I ever need...God I hate my life..."
by triplexgrandma July 3, 2011
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1.You usually get sucked into this game by your friends, which fail school to play this load of ass. You start out on a plank of wood with some whiny bitch yelling at you. She doesn't shut up until you give her some attention.

Then you go into a tree, wearing this genital-crunching apple suit. Clever huh? Apple, in a tree. HAHAHAAHAHA, we're all laughing, cause it's so creative and new.

It takes about 10000 hours to gain a level. You might get addicted but after a while it gets boring. It is said to be better than runescape. An upside is that it's too gay for pedophiles. That's about it.

2.An excellent way to end your life.


4. Makes you switch genders.

person 2: Oh, you're a noob. I can pwn 24 mushrooms at a time, so you lose at life. Go hang yourself.

Another person #1: Hey, I'm really horny. Wanna makeout?

Another person #2: FUCK NO, MAN!!! I'm PWning some snails now! UBER PWNAGE!11111!!!

Another nother person #1: Hey, you should probably do your algebra homework instead of playing maplestory all day.

Another nother person #2: HAHAHA! That's for LOSERS! I'll just act sick or somethin and somehow pull off an A+! MY plan is foolproof! I'm gonna go talk on vent now. STFU NuB!1!!11lol!11!
by blue ackie February 24, 2008
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A roleplay game that is very addicting. It becomes boring around level 50. There are different jobs:
Rouge, Bowman, Magician, and Warrior.
You advance to one of those at level 10. (8 for magician)
Once you get to level 30, you choose the next path you're going. There are many different choices, but choose wisely.

It is very chibi, and there are various noobs. There are also "hidden maps", called "hidden-streets."

The official website is:
And you can't join Scania, because its full.
In the game, Maplestory, message nightwingz. (I'm on Scania)
Good luck. :
by Rei. July 12, 2006
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The story of the symbol that appears on the Canadian flag, the maple leaf.

It's not about the boring overanimed MMORPC (Massively Multiplayer Online Rigged Piece of Crap) that some Koreans stole the name from because they don't know about copyrights.

Jealous bastards.

Canada fight back!
Person 1 - "Do you play Maplestory, all the cool Asians are playing it!"

Person 2 - "I don't want to play a game about the history of the maple leaf of Canada."

P1 - "But it's not! It's this anime ba..."

P2 - "Oh crap that's worse! Most good Anime died before the 2000s."

P1 - "But Bleach..."

P2 - "...Is an overlonged piece of crap just like Maplestory."
by The Phantomnaut May 26, 2009
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