2 definitions by nasa0003

An MMORPG created by the chinese. Pretty much a low quality WoW clone. Plus for the chinese names at least. But plagued by cheap chinese programming
Person 1: Hey dude u should try perfect world?
Person 2: I play WoW u f00l
Person 1: OMG but only in perfect world can it take 5 hours to walk from one town to another!! isn't that great?
Person 2: stop playing before you get melamine poisoning.
by nasa0003 December 30, 2009
An MMORPG developed by the Korean company Nexon, set in a medival(ish) world.
Personally not a bad game.
Reaps profits due to a "cash shop", where you buy pets and such.
Person 1: Hey have you heard of Nexon's RPG Mabinogi?
Person 2: You mean Maplestory? Nah I play runescape.
Person 1: You no life loser! Play mabinogi now fool! Before runescape consumes your soul!!!
by nasa0003 December 30, 2009