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To be owned, beaten, scored on, or defeated with no mercy. Usually occurs slowly at first, and then all at once. Most victims don't even know they've been hit until its too late. Side effects include losing your career, reputation, success with women, and general level of confidence.
"I want you to remember the one man who Mabed you" - The Dark Knight
by Billimaire March 01, 2017
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To be pressured/tricked/manipulated into going somewhere with someone only to find that the individual's plans are treacherously boring and you have no way to get out.
Mabe: "Lets go to Charleston. I'll even drive for you"
Friend: "Yeah man that sounds great. I'll pack a bathing suit."

*Arrives in Charleston

Friend: "Lets stop by the bea.."
Mabe: "So many historical locations. Say, lets spend a few hours at the antique store/library"
Friend: Fuck, I totally got Mabed.
by Billimaire February 03, 2017
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