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A sweet but stubborn girl that is drop dead gorgeous and knows how to have a good time no matter what the situation is. She's the kinda girl you'd want your parents to meet right away!
1. Wow I hope MaKaylee shows up soon because this party is boring.
by bossy!(: June 05, 2011
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Extremely Funny, very stubborn, give the meaning "clown" a whole new outlook. Beautiful heart but nasty when crossed.
MaKaylee is a normal version of woman in 21st Century.
by MilitaryMama February 03, 2010
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Makaylee is a crazy girl. She is super nice. She is brave and strong. She isn't afraid to speak her mind. She is also super cute so watch out, boys! Makaylee is awesome and she is always so happy! Sometimes, she can be a bit bossy.
Girl 1: Makaylee is always so happy!
Girl 2: Yeah, but she is super nice.
Girl 1: But sometimes she can be bossy.
Girl 2: Yes but everybody loves her!
by randomsweetgirl101 June 07, 2017
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A name coming from the Irish Gaelic ; the original form of the name is McKaylee. The name MaKaylee can also come from mixing Mackenzie and McKaylee together. The name means "child of God" or "a angel of the lord" The children given the name MaKaylee are often very stubborn and dark. Although they are very caring and there name means "child of God" they don't always act like it. They understand dark senses of humor and may sometimes laugh, they are a goody two shoes to teachers but trust me it's all just a mask they get in trouble just as much as you they just don't get caught for it. She is also down right gorgeous and can make almost any girl jelous. Most MaKaylee's also enjoy video games and youtube. Though some MaKaylee's are tomboys and like to play rough. But some MaKaylee's are a mix of both. She is very conciderate and kind and she's the type of friend you don't want to lose. She's a faithful Christian and very kind around grownups. She's sure to make a good first impression to your parents.
Hey MaKaylee you wanna play some videogames after school?
by MakAttack1717 March 01, 2017
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She is an amazing girl.she is funny, sweet, and likes to make jokes.
She likes to read and learn more about the world and wants to help people in some way
She also enjoys fandoms and video games and is a good friend to geek out with
She is the kind of person that you become friends with right away
She can be very blunt at times and always speaks her mind, she's a good friend to ask for advice
She is normally short or "pint sized" a fun thing to do at Christmas is change their contact to "my elf friend"
She cares about her friends very much and wouldn't hesitate to kill for them if it came to that even if you're only middle schoolers
She is the kind of girl that already has a plan for when the zombie apocalypse happens and has spent multiple hours thinking of the places to go and who to save
She doesn't enjoy being social and normally has a fairly small friend group
Is the kind of friend that senses you need to feel better at 3 am and will send you memes
Also sends memes at random times and will send them at 3 am even if you don't need them
Hey Makaylee did you hear they are trying to make zombies a thing in Russia?
Yes and I'm saying this now, I'm leaving you behind
Wait why?!
You can't shoot, fight, don't know much about medical things, and you have asthma.You're pretty much already dead
...good point
by Lance Lance revolution January 04, 2018
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