A colloquial initialism for "Mind Your Own Business". The word was coined by science fiction author Eric Frank Russell and first used in his 1951 novella "And Then There Were None..." where it was referred to as "initial slang" by the fictional culture.
Did he say exactly where he was going?
I asked him but he grinned like an ape and said, “Myob!”
by steevithak April 19, 2017
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Stop messin thru my papers, D. MYOB.
by asrf October 30, 2003
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Tony: Yo, I heard you and Alexa broke up.

Joe: Yeah, we're kind of just takin' a break.

Tony: So...is she fair game then?

Joe: MYOB!
by JonJaques April 6, 2010
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Acronym for "Mind Your Own Butt-Sex." To stay out of someone's personal homosexual affairs.
Guy One: "Who was dude I saw you leave with last night?"

Guy Two: "MYOBS!"
by ChibiChrissi May 17, 2006
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