Acronym for "Mind Your Own Butt-Sex." To stay out of someone's personal homosexual affairs.
Guy One: "Who was dude I saw you leave with last night?"

Guy Two: "MYOBS!"
by ChibiChrissi May 17, 2006
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myob means : mind your own business.

used when someone's very kpo ( busy body ) and likes to meddle with other ppl's business
Person A: oi you like her uh?

Person B: MYOB LA
by unicorn 🦄 November 16, 2015
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Acronym: Mind Your Own Business Bigtime. Originated in Bellevue, Washington.
"Stay out of it, MYOB Bigtime!"
by Katieb December 27, 2005
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If you do the former when you go to a party, it may significantly reduce your abilities to do the latter with the guests at said party.
I don't drink and I have zero desire to either gossip or stick my inquisitive beak in where it doesn't belong, so I don't have any problem with "BYOB vs. MYOB" myself. Sometimes one or more others at a gathering I'm attending are not quite so discreet or inhibited when they get a little alcohol into them, however, and so they may "start in on me" about personal stuff in my life that is neither a problem for them nor even concerns them in any way, and so I hafta just quietly "make a hasty exit" before things get ugly.
by QuacksO June 30, 2019
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