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The next step up after (FUPA). Massive Upper Pubic Area. Area below belly and above penis or vagina on an obese person that creates the illusion of a second stomach and prevents them from seeing their own sex organs.
That biatch is so fat I had to lift her MUPA just to find her twat.
by Your Sisters Ass September 17, 2004
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Muscled Upper Pubic Area. Essentially the opposite of FUPA, common in male and female body builders, and dudes who do a lot of lower ab exercises.
"Did you see Ron's MUPA- I'd jump his bones any day"
by dontdoit-itsnotworthit July 24, 2009
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Stands for Moore United Party of America, a party for all the morons who think all Michael Moore's works portray great "facts."
MUPA Fucktard: I think F9/11 is good.
by michael-moore-is-fat-pig November 12, 2004
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Woman completely incompetent of leading a theatre. Signs of the mupa are but no limited to:

1. Lack of food in general vicinity.
2. Perm solution smell lingering.
3. Terrible theatrical productions.
4. Earthquakes.
5. Water resonating like that in the movie 'Jurassic Park' as the T-Rex is walking.

1. "Where'd my drink go?" MMMUUPPAAA!!!! RUN!!!!

2. "Why is everyone's hair curling and why is there this strange chemical smell drifting around?" MMMMUUUPPPPAAAA!!!!! RUN!!!!

3. "Wow. That play really sucked. They need to get their shit together." "Oh, its cuz they have a Mupa directing... RUN!!!"

4. Why is the ground shaking? MUPA!!!!!! RUN!!!!!

5. See number four
by PeaceLoveOtterFluff August 03, 2008
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