Short for Marching Royal Dukes, a freakin' awesome collegiate marching band from James Madison University.
Did you see the MRDs perform on Saturday?

Yeah, they woke me up when they rehearsed outside of my dorm!
by victoriangirl April 15, 2011
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Mandy Rice-Davies, a bit player in the 1963 United Kingdom political scandal, "The Profumo Affair". When told at a hearing that Lord Astor denied even meeting her, famously retorted, "He would, wouldn't he?" In chat, "MRD" is sometimes used to say the truthfulness of someone's statement may be coloured by the stater's self-interest, as in, "he/she/you would (say that), wouldn't he/she/you?"
- "Bill Gates said Internet Explorer is the best browser."
- "MRD"
by Sam Bach May 14, 2007
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Mentely Retarded Dude
~Kid~ "Dad am i stupid?
~Dad~ "No son ur just retarded"

Bush is a MRD
by billybobjohu April 27, 2006
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Mad Rad Dope. When something is just hella bad ass. simple as that.
Friend breaks out his range rover for the summer time. "Damn brah, that range is pretty MRD"
by SaintBroseph March 08, 2012
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While giving evidence at the trial of Stephen Ward, Rice-Davies made the quip for which she is most remembered. When the prosecuting counsel pointed out that Lord Astor denied having an affair or having even met her, she replied, "Well, he would, wouldn't he?" (from Wikipedia).

Hence, "MRD applies" means "he would say that, wouldn't he". Usually used to devalue an opinion by drawing attention to the other-than-impartial situation of the person voicing it.
I think this is a silly idea, myself, but then, I’m a state regulator, so MRD applies.

John Quiggin on
by Francis Mansell November 29, 2005
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A set in Jersey City containing all types of gangs and had started in 2009. It stands for MoneyRespectDomination. This set has an estimation of about 100 students reppin' it. Mainly started in Dickinson High School.
Ayo you down with that MRD set?
Hell yeaa, knoww that!!
by MRD Recruiter December 03, 2010
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