1. any dad who spends quality time with his kid as much as possible. 2. dads who surf, skate, snowboard or any extreme activity and teach their kids. 3. dads with long hair, mohawks or body piercings and dont give a shite what anybody else thinks.(and teach their kids the same)
yo, check out that Rad Dad in the water. his kid cant even walk yet and he's got him on that surfboard!
by tommyjah May 3, 2007
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a sick Dad who is stoked to thrash with his kid.
yo check out that Rad Dad teaching his baby to surf... the kid can't even walk yet!
by pancho love May 7, 2007
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A Dad who looks after his kids and leads by example is a RAD DAD. If you are wise, you would join The "RAD DADS CLUB" and become part of the Global movement... Skate, Surf, Snow, Moto, Bike, Music, Art, Film, Photography, Tattoos are what make a Dad RAD!
RAD DADS don't babysit, it's called PARENTING!
by rad dads daughter October 7, 2019
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a phrase, usually used as a hashtag, that expresses admiration for another person's father
"OMG, her dad just made a pun! he is rad dad goals"
by lescoffeebeans March 8, 2015
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When your dad thinks he's really cool and acts weird in front of your friends. Also uses the word rad all of the time.
"Boi your dad is so annoying." "I know I have major rad dad issues!"
by PhantomPhoxx March 30, 2017
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A person with the figure of a middle aged father, commonly with a beer gut. This may also include poorly kept facial hair.
Sure you'll work out. Dad you've had a rad dad bod for years and that won't change.
by Heating ice for water June 10, 2015
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