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Using social media and reliable internet sources to find out the TRUTH about Michael Jackson, whilst ignoring tabloid fiction.
I’ve been using my laptop, Michael Jacksoning for hours!
by Avalonian October 24, 2012
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Totally losing track of time at the sight, sound or movement of Michael Jackson....suffering many burnt meals, being late all the time, sitting in agony being bitten by mosquitoes but unable to move from your TV/computer or put your phone down!
"Sorry honey, dinner is a bit uhmmm toasty, I've been Michael Jacksoning all day!"
Warning: Michael Jacksoning is intensely enjoyable and may interfere with your normal activities.

It can drive you to distraction--and you'll love it.
by Moon Child November 01, 2012
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Having the time and money to do whatever one wants to do, and spends both helping poor and sick children around the world, and promoting peace."
"My friend just won the Lottery. He quit his job and went Michael Jacksoning."
by Benjamin63 October 24, 2012
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The act of becoming aware of the great loss of a person after they die who you only wished you had loved and appreciated more when they were alive. You've been hit by the Michael Jackson "lightning bolt" which causes you to start Michael Jacksoning, e.g., you watch nothing but Michael Jackson videos on YouTube, you buy all the books by authentic authors about Michael Jackson, you become a better person by treating everyone kindly and giving to others in need because of the influence of Michael Jackson, etc.
"There's an old saying that you don't miss the water until the well goes dry. When Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, the world was in a state of shock, so everyone started Michael Jacksoning."
by PY Love and Peace November 15, 2012
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Dancing like you've got no bones in your body, doing the most spectacular, awe-inspiring dance moves, moonwalking like you are floating on a cloud!

Guy 1: Hey, did you see that dude in the black sparkling

jacket Michael Jacksoning on the Motown 25

Show - that moonwalk was Beast! Michael Jackson,

to the side!

Guy 2: You dork! That dude WAS Michael Jackson!
The King of Pop was Michael Jacksoning the night away during his Bad concert at Madison Square Garden, lighting up the stage with the sheer brilliance of his dance moves!
by FancyNancy December 10, 2012
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