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Born with a gift and purpose to bring to the world joy, happiness, love, care, compassion, and humility using song and dance.

He grew in stature from chocolate cherub to vanilla wafer with his sweetness.

Add a little innocence, silliness, and lots of intellect. And not to forget the subtle sensuality. Because he was human, sadness and loneliness often accompanied him.
Otherworldly...that's Michael Jackson
by I AM SPEECHLESS December 11, 2012
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Just two words : Italian stallion

He is a real big Dick boy he have a 40cm dick he is also very rich he could even beat ksi in a boxing ring when he's pissed.
girl 1 : WHO IS HE ?

girl 2 : he's Agostino, he's so sexy ! omg !
by I AM SPEECHLESS January 11, 2022
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