Acronym for "missing in action". When a person hasn't been seen in some period of time.
I’m so worried, John has been MIA for like three days now!
by Lalipop00 January 16, 2018
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Stands for 'Missing In Action' and is used often online or on profiles
He's been MIA for a month now.
Jacksons no online today
Yeah he's MIA
by SOOK ME NANS TOES November 13, 2018
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short for missing in action. basically a member of the armed forces who didn't return home after serving, and whose whereabouts are unknown. may or may not be dead
Guy 1: "My dad is MIA, I saw him leave to go to the military years ago, and then I never saw or heard from him again. Nobody knows where he is"
Guy 2: "That's sad"
by nlolhere July 17, 2020
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Mia is a wonderful person and she's beautiful . She has a beautiful personality. She's very funny and a bit crazy at times, but you will love her..She doesn't realize her real inner and outer beauty. But if you ever have a Mia of your own, take care of her you don't want her to go away. She will give you everything she has to make you happy.Mia is something special that you can't give away like a beautiful antic vase that is valuable and worth a lot. She means a lot to me and every one around her. So if you find a Mia don't let go
MIA: Hey you look shocking today

ME: Sure

Mia : No,I mean it your buetiful
by Shawn_Mendes February 28, 2018
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Mia is a wonderful amazing person and a great friend you are blessed if you have a Mia in your life but just make sure she does not fart in your bed. She also is very sexy, hot and has a big cute butt
Oh my gosh look at Mia's butt its so big
by happy pranks August 28, 2019
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Also known as Miami International Airport. The leading gateway to South and Latin America. And the Carribean in the world.
American Airlines Hub.
( Captain) Okay ladies and Gentelmen we will be landing in MIA shortly thanks for flying with us.
by HA MIami August 9, 2005
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