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The Pyrocynical Effect, also known as sad among several other names, is a definition applied when a bad situation somehow gets even worse then when it originally started.
My channel has gone to shit.
Well, that's the pyrocynical effect for ya.
by Lucky_Icecube February 09, 2017

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Short for free to use. Used by some people on deviantart and other art websites, usually for free lineart.
Sleeping kitten linearts! f2u
by Lucky_Icecube March 17, 2017

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Minimum Increment - used commonly on deviantArt to state the minimum bidding increase.
Starting Price: 60
MI: 10
Auto Buy: 300
by Lucky_Icecube March 17, 2017

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Art Trade - used commonly on deviantArt
Wanna do an AT?
Sure man, but my art sucks.
by Lucky_Icecube March 17, 2017

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A common accidental merge of remain and remnant.
The remaints of the crumbled building littered the ground.
by Lucky_Icecube April 17, 2017

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Shaking my Damn Dangler

(Used in a post of a Rick and Morty tumblr - fedconnect.galacticfederation.com)
Insensitive much? smdd
by Lucky_Icecube February 03, 2017

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When you've gone without sex so long that you think your virginity is growing back
Can we hook up? I haven't had sex in ages
No way dude
Alright. Thanks for the reverse sex
via giphy
by Lucky_Icecube June 24, 2017

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