"MCU" is and acronym that stands for "Marvel Cinematic Universe."
"How many movies are in the MCU?"

"I love the MCU."
by BaconBytesYT April 15, 2019
It’s a universe where earth code named Earth-199999 has a country called sokovia
Breaking news, the avengers fucked up sokovia in the mcu
by Some1 @ the internet July 17, 2021
wow, MCU
did you watch that MCU movie? i loved the part when she sang 'all i want from christmas is iron man to be alive'
by carlinze January 29, 2021
(n): Mythical Creatures Union

the group dedicated to protecting the rights and privileges of Mythical Creatures in the workplace as well as within the government. Mythical Creatures only.

Organization Responsibilities:
- Defining and categorizing Mythical Creatures; includes new and known creatures
- Protect the rights of Mythical Creatures
- Provide accurate descriptions of all known Mythical Creatures without disclosing a particular creatures where-a-bouts or identity
- Provide non-Mythical Creatures with ways to donate and serve the less fortunate Mythical Creatures.
- Specific Member-only privileges disclosed only to Mythical Creatures and Human Mythical Creature Enthusiasts.
Tove 1: I became a part of the MCU when I heard they could fight my employer for my workers compensation.
Tove 2: Yeah! I joined for the free meals on Fridays and the Members-Only newsletter!
by MCAVenthusiast March 22, 2009