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MBS (Myles Bowel Syndrome) is a condition effecting the human digestive system, also known as, "I would rather have a shit than do any work today"syndrome. Common symptoms include the conscience requirement to take a shit at an hourly rate, and a near forced shitting commitment at the sight of a bathroom or portable toilet. It should be noted that a person suffering from the condition rarely has to take a shit on a scheduled lunch or bathroom break.
Todd: Dude that one hour lunch break was dope! To bad we got to get back to work...actually I'll let you get started where we left off. I've got a touch of the MBS today.
by germantopdog August 24, 2018
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MBS stands for "My Bad, Sorry".

"Hey, why didn't you tell me SHE had a crush on me???"

"Damn I forgot; mbs."
by ann0nym0us March 25, 2008
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Mind Blowing Sex. Do you really need a further definition? Either it is or it isn't.
The only reason I keep him around is the MBS.
by girls'nightout March 11, 2010
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Music Bullshit, referring to MTV (Music Television) as what is really is: a hot, steaming pile of bullshit.
My sister always watches MBS, ignoring the fact that it's plain bullshit.
by GWR Definition Agency July 18, 2005
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See Mexican Boner Standoff

A grouping of three or more men each with an erection pointed at another member.
Looks like we have ourselves a MBS going on here, let me throw on a towel.
by omikes January 09, 2017
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An honorary degree awarded to an individual with extensive experience or tenure in their chosen field or craft. This honor is most often, but not exclusively, bestowed upon politicians or used vehicle salespersons.
by Jim K., MBS June 04, 2013
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