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My daughter maly is named after her Cambodian culture, meaning blossom in her native language.
by Appropriate language August 30, 2018
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maly is the type of couple where the male is teasing and testy, yet compasionate and loving towards the female. he will do anything to make her laugh and smile. he loves her with everything he has and can't stand the distance from when he is away. the female ocupant loves him with everything. she loves everything about him from the way be plays his guitar to the way he plays with her hair. she loves how quirkey he can be. even though she is shy around most people he is the only exeption. the couple has alot of sexual intercorse, from cuddling to having sex, the male loves physical contact as does the female. One of the many things they have in common
Oh my god maly is so cute i ship it1!1!!!!1
by ad114 February 23, 2015
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means to hammer like a mallet.
get ghetti, spend some fedi, this aint italion, its the whitesican stallion, rubber fitted to get his maly on, cop coming so i get my rally on. means to fuck her hard.
by nomad the holy ghost April 17, 2009
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