Name, used excessively by Somalians. Usually with an add-on. Also taken on by Afro-Americans.
Immigration -So what are your boys names?
Father -Abdikerim, Abdikhalif, Abdisalaam, abdi-abdi, Abdi-A, O.G. Abdi, and The Original Abdi.
Immigration -That's a lot of Abdis'.
Father -Yes.
Immigration -I take it your Somali?
Father -How did you know?
by KA$H April 7, 2006
Abdi is sexy with a fat and long wood and lady’s love him also mums and people girlfriend so keep mums lady’s girlfriend indoor because abdi will take them he is kind a good friend.
Who’s that touching my mum it must be an abdi
by Saadtosexy November 22, 2019
A Somali with the FATTEST forehead you have ever seen in your life, when the light shines off an abdi’s forehead it is as if Jesus himself is shining upon you
Ay look it’s abdi, WARRIOR WARRIOR
by The original Mr WANG November 22, 2021
He is a cute man and loves playing sports all the girls want him he'll make u laugh all day he hates gay people and lesbians and will fight anyone and isn't scared of anything
Oh shit abdi is there
by Nakatika November 2, 2019
Is the sexiest african alive and is the most popular at school
Abdi is so hot
by Daddeeee65 September 23, 2019
Abdi is a athletic African American guy he’s loving, caring person he knows what to do when to do it abdi is originated from Africa as a nick name. When you get a hold of abdi never let go because there’s no one like him. He’s always saving people never looking back. He’s destined for greatness keep an eye out.
by BigBrezzy March 24, 2018
a Somali name that is also used by somali youngsters to discribe males genitals, spelled (Cabdi) in Somali
Ali: yaw Ahmato did u see that gurl
Ahmato: Ya man she really needs some Abdi, go get her.

(other ppl staring and shaking heads, not understanding)
by Ahmato May 2, 2009