"Mali" is short for Somalians.
Abdi: "yo there are so much Somalians here"
Mohamed: "ayyy Mali gang"
by Maligangg March 5, 2017
Mali is the sweetest, kindest woman in the world, who will genuinely do anything for anyone and is the best friend you could ask for. She is absolutely beautiful and hilarious. She can be shy but once you really know her she is outgoing and totally badass. Not to mention she has the most unique and insanely beautiful voice and when she sings it makes everyone either totally joyful or completely moved. Most importantly she always fights for what is right!!
Mali’s coming tonight!

Yayyy who doesn’t love Mali?!
by ERBC,okurrrr June 22, 2019
The sweetest girl in the world and the best friend you could ever ask for, she has a stunning smile that’d make everybody faint and she’s the purest soul you’ll ever meet. She’s always caring, kind, respectful and understanding and also she’s very beautiful, she’d always make time for you even if she’s been busy all day and every time you get a text from her you feel alive and she never fails to make you happy…she’s one in a billion and special.
I love talking to Mali everyday, she’s awesome!!!
by NINJAYTXZ August 14, 2022
female name; the baddest chick you've ever known; beautiful, awesome, sexy, DANGEROUS! You'll want this girl on your side for life!
That girl Mali is one bad ass chick. I wish I was more like her.
by just me 83 February 3, 2010
A great , loving, beautiful girl. Who is the best friend you could ever ask for. The best sexy girlfriend who can make you cum in seconds.
by Jane Olson April 13, 2018
The most pettiest yet up front bitch out with too much attitude for her big ass head yet probably the most quietest person to everyone she don’t know with a resting I hate you face she is genuinely the best listener when you need her
by Mali is that bitch February 4, 2019
A country in North Africa that Americans think is an island in Hawai.
Smart Person: Hey, did you that Mali has 14 national languages?
American: Shouldn't it be only English?
Smart Person: No, French is its official language and 13 other native African languages.
American: African languages? Mali is obviously an island in Hawaii, idiot.
Smart Person: *Shows map of Africa*
American: Oh...
by That Marxist-Leninist August 13, 2017