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"Mali" is short for Somalians.
Abdi: "yo there are so much Somalians here"
Mohamed: "ayyy Mali gang"
by Maligangg March 04, 2017
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An addictive individual something like the real "drug". Solid person who you can always count on to be honest and an open ear. Fun and everybody wants apart of her, but she's only gonna let so kuch of her go around. Real picky, unique, pretty, goofy. One of a kind.
Mali is always there when you need her .
by Mali Molly December 20, 2016
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Pure MDMA (Ecstacy). Not mixed with anything and generally not available in a pill
by Bigrattus July 07, 2003
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female name; the baddest chick you've ever known; beautiful, awesome, sexy, DANGEROUS! You'll want this girl on your side for life!
That girl Mali is one bad ass chick. I wish I was more like her.
by just me 83 February 03, 2010
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when some one among a group of friends is well respected, or that person needs encouragement, they are refered to as ma li.
dani ma li!
jakku ma li!
joel ma li!
james brown ma li!
'where is dani ma li?'
by joel g-o January 16, 2008
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once the home of a great african empire, and later a french colony, mali is a west african nation. it was a single party state for many years, walking an interesting but disasterous line between marxism and islamic fundamentalism. it's a very poor nation, with no economic activities in the barren interior.
bamako is the captial of mali.
by Ben E. Hama February 01, 2007
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1. to gank, steal, or otherwise fuckup the rotation of the controller in a video game
2. to drop dice in such a way as to guarantee your desired outcome, thereby removing the chance element from the game.
3. to have a forehead that defies physics
4. the inablity to have an indoor voice.
5. to never win a tournament
Stop malising, fucktard.
by Shoe November 17, 2004
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