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Sexy Russian with a bad Boy personality but great heart. Successful and Married family man. Loves motorcycles and cats.
He is so Maksim every womans dream.
by Yamahaxoxo July 19, 2018
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He's a whirlwind. The most incredible guy you could ever meet. He's super intelligent but he doesn't fully realise just how smart he is. His loyal like no other, with the most incredible, unique outlook of the world. Once you've met him you can never get him out of your mind, and no other guy could ever come close to how amazing he is. A hard core gamer and a man who wants nothing more but to enjoy life to the full. He knows what he wants and he will surely get it. At times he is misunderstood for being a bad boy, and he is exactly that, but with the purest of hearts and with him you'll be nothing but safe. If you ever find a Maks never let him go β™₯️
"That guy Maksim is a real awesome guy"
"You're lucky to know Maks"
by SSL6 May 20, 2019
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The sexiest name on earth, usually Russian and very athletic. Really fun to be around and can always make you laugh
you know maksim?" "yeah, he's hella funny" "he pwns
by thefinalorange March 05, 2011
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1. Lazy sob who complains that its to cold outside to run to the post office.

2. Buys a lot of computer gear and still blows at counter-strike.

3. Will roofie you.

4. Has a 85 year old grandma.
Maksim did you not hear the guy at apartments?
by gapped May 24, 2009
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A Chadcel (refer Chadcel definition) who became the way he is typically from a rejection that occured around childhood.

Spends his time on LooksMaxx forums and constantly flexes his jawline in any social interaction. Lacks the basic conceptual knowledge of speaking to women so he projects his angst on the internet and uses the gym as an outlet.
"OMG Brock kept texting weird shit to me last night!"

"Block him he's a Maksim, stop walking around by yourself at night from now on!"
by CanIPleaseBeWhite December 05, 2019
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