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Maks is a chill guy that doesnt care about school ,he has a great sense of humour he will love you like no other person will. He has that smile that just makes your day and that laugh that will make you wanna throw up
Bob: Is that that Pewdipie. John: No that is Maks the coolest person in my school. Bob: O i really like his outfit
by Celigoj December 30, 2018
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A usually tall white boy who is very good at sports and usually lives in Poland or is an immigrant and moved to Canada
Look itโ€™s maks the G.O.A.T
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by Lord Ohio May 07, 2018
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ridiculously good looking person;there are not words to really desribe all the traits of a mak.
mak's are the only ones for us!
by ng April 11, 2005
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Maks is usually a short boy who comes from Poland.He is the smartest guy you will ever meet.You would be lucky to have him as a boyfriend. He is kind and charming.He can give you a good chuckle and is a great companion with hard times. Definitely someone you can trust on and someone you can hold on to.He'll bring you up and make you smile when you are in need of help.He is excellent at sport.You are the luckiest motherfucker to date this strong man.
Ryan: Is that Lionel Messi? Bobby:No it's Maks the fastest kid in my school. Ryan:The strongest as well.
by Fortnite2010 March 11, 2020
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To kiss or make out with someone.
Did you see Josh mak with Tammy last night?
by Bealio February 27, 2006
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as another word for "Mac"

A man who generally attracts the ladies like a magnet. He has a magnetism of a pimp minus the money/prostitution.
A guy who walks around around his arms is one mothafucking Mak.
by Mak February 16, 2005
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