Refers to the original BMW M3 (e30 chassis) which won countless touring car championships in the late 80's and early 90's. This car was offered in a street version as well, touted as one of the best handling vehicles ever available to the public. A race car for the street if you will.

Not to be confused with later BMWs sharing a similar name (in the E36 and E46 versions the M stands for Marketing, not Motorsport) the original M3 was, is, and always will be the most badass car to ever have existed.
Did you see that old-school M3 smoke that 996!?!?!?! WTF how can an old car pull through a turn like that!!!!
by M3Driver August 26, 2004
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The prefix of the mickey-mouse, so-called amateur radio foundation licence in the UK that is in reality no more than a multiband-CB licence. The Radio Society of Good Buddies (RSGB) were instrumental in its introduction and should be boycotted as a result. Most wannabes that hold M3 callsigns are either windie lickers, retards or chavs, or in some cases all three, and are too dumb to progress on to a real Amateur Radio licence. Some allegedly intelligent slackers even lowered themselves to the level of the M3 licence because they were too lazy to do a fairly simple morse test to achieve a full licence.
That 10W M3 just beat me in a pileup, and I'm using 400W to a monoband yagi!
by Windie Licker October 18, 2006
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A person with a strong passionate love for the video game series Call of Duty. he will most likely define himself as a gamer but his true nature lies with the gramers. In cases of critique against the M3's most beloved franchise, they will become very defensive and activate their most fearsome power, the ability to talk in caps lock
Random: - The new Call of Duty game doesn't look all the good.

by LordCarnage July 10, 2010
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A german car made by BMW. It isn't slow, but i wouldn't call it fast. It is not faster than the 05 Clk55 Amg and im not sure about the jaguar. Also, the guy who said the M3's 0-60 is 5.9 is completely wrong. For the convertible it is 5.1, and the coupe is 4.8. It is an extremely comfortable ride, (we have one) and features the ever popular SMG gearbox.
That M3 just smoked a Evolution 8!!!
by lilm3boi October 23, 2004
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Car driven by old women who dress like they're still twenty. Esp. convertible versions in baby blue. A good car, shame the typical driver is not.

One of the best beamers availiable
Get a Z3 or M 6.35CSi
by Gumba Gumba February 20, 2004
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