any 3 series chassis with superpowered v6 or inline six cylinder engines that have as much ft lb of torque per hp that rival the porsche 911 and 933 targa. no mods necessary just buy and drive. the above claim that all m3's are e30 chassis is incorrect as BMW still makes m3's today, and the model number changes with each generation of developments. to have a more thorough driving experience, the m5 or even for the rich folks, the m6 is a rocket
on autoscout24.de u can find tons of m3's
by derty derk July 26, 2006
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A decent sports car for its price... more room then a vette, but if you're buying a sports car, why not get a vette for the same price?

Image of people who drive M3's is quite low amung other drivers, because of their stupid freeway antics and if you can actually afford one, you're better off buying a V8 and tuning it for the price.
I got cut off by that ass hole in the M3 so I floored my SVT cobra and he ate my dust!
by tom March 18, 2005
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worst car ever made. look like shit and are built by people who make shiezer shit sex videos.
i have to shit really bad were's the m3
by bob belanger May 19, 2007
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