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The verb of living like Lu; To party a lot just like Luigi does, drinking rum, craft beers and hitting a few bowls surrounded by several hot chicks and mindfuck friends.
That dude is totally luving! Look at her date! Even hotter than yesterday’s date!!
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by Morroporro February 07, 2018
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Luving the most beautiful woman you will ever meet inside and out .Her words will memorize you and her love will hypnotize you. Luving is a rare person to come by and also has a rare personality that you will just love . She has a very good bright heart and is very content with things . Luving speaks her mind and honestly all she wants is love loyalty honesty and respect . If she ever tells you something she means it especially when it comes to love . One thing you dont want to do is stab her in the back or fall from your word . You'll regret it and won't stop thinking about it or her. But once you have her she will be the most nastiest girl in bed but a ladie outside the bedroom . Luving is someone youll want to keep forever , for a relationship or even a friend.
Luving I can't get enough of you why are you so funny and so you I love it .
by luving December 21, 2016
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