Probably some German dude who has a HUGE dick, like bigger then big. He doesn't hate anyone and everyone wants to be around him. He is an absolute Playa p.s. he has a HUGE DICK
Person 1: Dude is that Baden over there?

Person 2: Yeah, all the girls say he's a god at sex!!

Person 3: Oh yeah thats right, i do remember someone telling me that!
by Meganqwer1 August 12, 2018
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An Asian who eats noodles and rice every day. He would gladly die for any of his closest friends, most of which are female. Even though he's an Asian he has a huge cock that every girl would gladly ride.
Girl 1: Oh my god! The guy's cock that I just rode stretched my asshole wide open! It felt like the biggest cock I've ever ridden!
Girl 2: He must be a Baden~
by FiveDollarSuckyForOneBucky January 18, 2018
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A person or persons who frequently leaves the computer while an audio chat session is in progress, thus spamming the chat room with background noise.
John's account Woah Jack, she's screaming pretty loud at your end, isn't she?
Bill's account ...Jack?
John's account Bill, I think he's pulled a Baden
by Cryfall July 13, 2014
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A pissed off man with many tattoos. Often times seen killing and giving the "death stare" at shows.
Hey, watch out for Baden. He's comin this way!
by xPUREHATREDx24 February 10, 2008
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A male who thinks he's better then he is and finds faults in others before realising his true self. A Baden is someone who is undecided about many things and shows a side of sensitivity and an untrusting nature. Although a Baden can be a negative person, his love will always be strong for one person. He is a gentle man who will be a great husband and father.
Wow, that man and woman love each other a lot.

Yeah he's definitely a Baden.
by Carter Lloyd November 30, 2013
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A drunk alter ego that only comes out after mixing copious amounts of alcohol together within the hour. Baden can used to describe someone who is completely blacked out and you can most likely find this creature In the basement, hunched over a juice bucket. Note... Baden is to be consider dangerous so don't approach unless you have mad pedialyte
Friend- Yo, are you Baden right now?

Baden- Yeah bro lets go shotgun a loko and look for biddies to slay. I heard they have more alcohol at the deephs.
by Bobby Benzo October 21, 2019
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Bent nose fat fuck who can’t light a match for shit
Person 1: is that guy trying to light a match

Person2: he’s also got a bent nose

Both people : MUST BE A BADEN AHAH
by No one likes Baden March 21, 2020
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