Someone who is the best at everything in every way, and hot as fuck.
Wow, what a Lucca
by Max_Snorts_Wax December 15, 2019
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lucca is normally handsome and vibrant and loves to talk to girls, when he sees someone sad he always finds a way to cheer them up, Lucca can pull any girl with any scheme he has on the mind .
by tophetfires March 12, 2018
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The hottest man on the planet he is so hot he melts ice by looking at it. Or make water turn into mist he is just the hottest person on the planet and in the universe.
by Lucca Jeffrey star May 17, 2021
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She is the best person in the world. Her eyes are Always sparkly and when she talks the whole world is listening. She's truly the best.
Me: Lucca is my best friend and I'll love her forever
by Yellowsagittarius July 20, 2019
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The most beautiful person a person will ever meet. She makes u smile and laugh and much more at once. She looks better then anyone and sings like and angel. All the guys want her and u do too.

She basicly the defanition of goals and u know it
by CallMeTrashPlz August 20, 2017
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A friend of Crono, who is the main character in Chrono Trigger. She's an inventor.
Lucca: (About passed out guard) This is what happens to the fool who challenges the mighty Lucca! Ha-hahaha!
by Nick July 7, 2003
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