A guy who says he every nationality as if he's collecting pokemon cards.
I cant believe Lucca is German, Polish, Scotish, Turkish and Chinese all in the same person.
by Mr_honey7 March 20, 2022
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The most beautiful person a person will ever meet. She makes u smile and laugh and much more at once. She looks better then anyone and sings like and angel. All the guys want her and u do too.

She basicly the defanition of goals and u know it
by CallMeTrashPlz August 20, 2017
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She is the most unique girl I've ever met. She will do anything to make you happy. She can be very sarcastic and mean but she never really means it.
Her clothing style is so pretty and different. She's also a vegetarian.
Someone: hey do you know Lucca?
Me: yes, she is my best friend!!
by Yellowsagittarius December 12, 2018
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Someone who sucks at rainbow,has a small cock, stupid, likes ira, and has an idol that he learns everything from named Sean.
Man you suck you small penis retard go and ask Sean how to be normal Lucca
by I hate lucca November 18, 2018
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Lucca is a communist. She loves dank memes and Karl Marx manga. She often has curly hair and I veryyyyyyy bad at singing. She wants to be a black candy shop owner when she is older.
Lucca you can´t just change your skin color like that??
by Communistcobra December 4, 2017
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The name refers to an Italian male, the name would also imply that he can sometimes be depressed for no reason, would normally be fat. Lucca would have no friends, and can be sometimes be an asshole or can be retarded. In the end Lucca is an idiot, and lonely, and fat.
by ItalianScalian February 2, 2017
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he's too sexy,he's devilish,he's basically James bond but better in every way.there's no way to possibly to beat him in sports.
wow he's such a lucca,i wish my man was like him.
by sexymexybutnot March 29, 2017
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