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Lsn referse to a light skin nigga.

Opposite of a Dsn
Ex. Asian/black, white/black, Hispanic/black

(Direct conversation with a white person) ok be careful we got a LSN to your right. LSN to your right.
by Very LSN February 25, 2014
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Short for listen, used mostly on MSN, AIM, etc.
sarah: hey wats up?
britney: nm..lsn i g2g
sarah: k ttyl
by smurph July 28, 2006
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Lsn stands for lick some nipples but can be used with other words that have 'n' as the first letter.
*gets killed in a game* You dude go lsn!
by Bargan Brands May 17, 2016
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Gang called Lawrenceburg Street Niggas, Orginated from LAwrenceburg/ Greendale Indiana near Cincinnati, notorious for many petty crimes around the try state sayings include LSN OR DIE, and also they call themselves certified Goons, We are not sure of any official Leader but they have been growing at alarming rates, Police are aware but have taken no action
You part of LSN?
Yeah im a certified Goon
by Certified Goon April 22, 2011
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