The state or condition of showing douche like behavior.
Franny was on top of her doucheyness when she cut off that guy in during rush hour.
by ByMyLastBreath March 13, 2008
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Pronounced douche-E-A

A person who is an even bigger douchebag than your average run of the mill douchebag.
This guy I work with told me he just broke up with his online girlfriend and he told me he wanted to fuck anything that walks. Then he asked if i had any single friends. Later that day the doucheyer sent me a LinkedIn request with a winky face and his number and told me to text him sometime.
by Kesquire January 3, 2013
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The practice of being a total & complete douche bag.

Describing the common behavior of a typical Jack-ass
I detected an awful lot of doucheyism in that family
by Team Nelson MN August 18, 2010
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