Another way of saying Elementary School.
Lower school, middle school, high school.
Person 1: “Secrets secrets are no fun, secrets secrets hurt someone.”

Person 2: “WOW, I haven’t heard that since lower school!”
by #1snuggleslut January 31, 2018
The controllers of Lower Merion Township redistricting. They are hated by everyone because they are jackasses who don't understand that children who live 3 minutes away from the Lower Merion shouldn't have to pass it to get to Harriton High School (the other Lower Merion School.) Most unfair and cruel people in the world. Fucking bitches i hate you
Parent 1: "What did the Lower Merion School Board decide this time for redistricting?"

Parent 2: "Those assholes decided to split Ardmore in half so now my kid can't go to the school that is two blocks away from our house."
by blob-bob April 26, 2009
A school that spawns So Low wearing, Starbucks drinking, lacrosse playing, blackberry using, facebook addictied, grade worrying, Dave Mattew's Band listening, Platt partying, Shampoo clubbing, Jewish practicing, nice car driving, sex having, weed smoking, mindless alcoholic douche bags that just follow the latest trend and who think they are the celebrities of the world, when in reality, the only people that like them live in the asshole capital of the US, the mainline. And even then, their overly dramatic friends all find ways to hate on each other cause they have nothing better to do.

All the black kids think they are cold, hard gangsters, and all the white kids think they are athletic and suave.

Every one follows the same trends, and noone thinks for themselves.

All kids do on the weekends is drink and then talk about it the following monday like its the first time Julie passed out and the cops came.

People here also go to concerts frequently, but not for the music, just as an excuse to get drunk again.

If you want to hate your life in 4 years or less, I suggest you go to this school.

Typical Attire of a Lower Merion Student

Northface jacket
so low pants

sideways college hat
northface jacket
high black nike socks
nike shoes

Typical sayings of a Lower Merion Student

"I guess..."
"I mean..."

Douchebag 1: Yo man, what are you doing this weekend?

Douchebag 2: You know, going up to the Platt, getting wasted and then having sex with five girls, and then I'm going to talk about it Monday in the middle of my Gov class so everyone knows how cool I am, even though I'm an unoriginal asshat who thinks I've pioneered the art of drinking.

Overly Dramatic Slut 1: OMG!!!11one liek i cant believe she would say something like that. What a fucking bitch!! and i cant believe that our english teacher gave us so much work liek, Really?? And i cant believe that johns party got busted!!one1 and how do my so low pants, uggs, and north face jacket look today?

Overly Dramatic Slut 2: I mean, really? I guessssssss. They look great as usual, and yeaaa that was sooo gay I cant wait to get fucked by jonny tonight yayyyy

Guy with a mind of his own: I need to get the fuck out of lower merion high school.
by asdf;lkajsdf;lkjasdf March 27, 2009
Lower Dauphin High School (LD) is one of the worst schools in the United States located in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. Many students refer to LD as Slower Dauphin. Mostly white kids who are wiggers populate the school district as well as Ugly Sluts/Whores, Idiots and Trailer Trash. Some Principals at LD can not read English or any other language, the teachers often lose your work and the students are generally assholes. A group of people who hate LD made a group on Facebook, "LD, I rape the future" and some pictures that have the slogan "Lower Dauphin High School, Where your dreams go to die" have shown up around the internet. In spring of 2009 a teachers kid was caught snorting Adderall in one of the bathrooms. Many of the students at LD who do drugs get caught, The smart ones usually do not get caught. Drugs usually are the only thing that makes LD less of a nightmare. The food served at LD is usually low grade meat, pesticide saturated vegetables and greasy cookies. Most food items are under cooked. This asbestosis filled building is not a suitable learning environment and is truly not a place any parent should have to send their kids.
"Do you go to Lower Dauphin High School?"

"Hell no, Fuck Slower Dauphin"
by MtnDewFiend July 21, 2009
While I would hesitate to call Lower Merion a vanguard of cultural and economic diversity, it is an excellent high school for those not lucky enough to attend one the fine private institutions forming the lovely young adults such as my fellow linguist above. Large, wealthy, and full of activity, LM is a public high school somewhere between Newport and Chino, but 100% Main Line.

P.S. Of course, if you're ever in need of barbituates or stolen Malibu rum, you'll want to try Harriton.
I go to LM, I wear Prada, and I do Players.
by Clara April 9, 2005
The alma mater of Kobe Bryant, who decided to forego his NCAA eligibility and instead declared himself eligible for the 1996 NBA Draft with the 13th overall pick by the LA Lakers directly out of high school, who essentially got Kobe for Vlade Divac.
by CP12 April 17, 2006
Lower dauphin IS BY FAR THE WORST school district the teachers look like they just fucked in the bathroom and the guys are either on probation or a horndog. The girls are either a total bitch or ugly as hell! and the principles are like all creations from years of years of incest. Many of the students get in more trouble than doing good. The bully problem is off the charts high! One student was doing his vaporizer or "vape pen" and the damn thing exploded in his face and 3 other peoples face. The teachers can read english, cursive, or anything even if the neatest handwriting is written. Because of all the retarded kids here we call this place slower dauphin, where your dreams go to die. If you have a dream the teacher and principles and even guidance counselors shut you down this is by far the worst place and dont even get me started on the superintendent... she thinks she knows how to handle kids but 6 of every 20 kids either are doing coke in the bathrooms or smoking something... the white boys are dumb fucking wiggers and the girls are whores every guy probably have cabbage ass ... so do your self a favor ovoid slower dauphin and once more fuck you lower daupin
by Urban dumbfuck May 20, 2015