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The level of school where picking on the fat kids, and kids with glasses is the cool thing to do.
Bobby was fat in elementary school, and was bullied everyday. Today in High School, he is the top varsity football player and a friend of everyone.
by porn! May 25, 2005
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A place you go to as a kid to get ready for 90% of the stuff you'll deal with in real life.
I'm starting to notice that my 9-5 job only utilizes the stuff I learned in elementary school.
by F‌a‌c‌e October 06, 2015
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School usually for children ages 5-11. Teaches the basics of all subjects.
I went to elementary school a long time ago.

It ruled.
by Rodney Basil November 06, 2003
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The name given to Grades 1-5, in elementary school, people would learn basics about Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, and Physical Education. Occasionally, certain school will have Religion as a subject and/or Spanish (although these two subjects are not common). For many people, elementary school is considered the only portion of your education that won't be an aboslote hell. Teachers would usually be nice, your fellow classmates won't be a bunch of assholes, and your school will try to make learning "fun".

Surviving elementary school isn't too hard, (depending on when you went to elementary school). Honestly if you want to survive and not get turned into a punching bag, you would want to be pretty fast, how fast you run is very helpful in elementary school, your running speed can also determine how popular you will be. Pokemon cards will also be handy to have, you would want to be ready if a kid was to come up to you with a Rayquaza in their hand.

Elementary school is really the only "fun" part of your student career (that is if you don't count college). I'm sure lots of people remember when they went to the computer lab and managed to beat "Run 2" without dying a single time, or when someone roasted a kid and everyone went mental.

By the way, elementary school isn't hard to graduate from, if you can't graduate Elementary school, good luck getting a job
"Dude, remember back when we were in elementary school"?

"Yeah man, elementary school was the shit back in the day"
by Jacksomeguy May 17, 2017
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An introductory academic program that leads students through the first four to eight years of their education. It is here where tomorrow’s young scholars are taught the essential “three R’s”; Reading, Writing, Recess, and of course gym….but that’s technically not an “R”…. is it?
For a perfect example of an elementary school, drive to that part of the neighborhood where all the speed limit signs say "slow children at play."
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
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Elementary schools vary among areas. Some you get suspended for bringing plastic knives outside. By fifth grade, Every girl is a slut and every boy is still innocent until 6th grade where the shit kicks in. In other words, it's better than middle school.

Also every mark you get is based on behaviour and not how smart you are.
Teacher:"Billy, how was the science fair project?"

Kid: "it was good! I made an electric motor an-"

Teacher: "Well it's not a competition anymore!. Some kids might feel bad, and by

the way this is an English mark. Not science."

Elementary school was gay, man.
by Siamese tumour child June 17, 2013
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