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The most profilic flopper in the history of all sports. His ability to flop is only surpassed by his inability to jump. He also has the sweatiest and hairiest armpits known to man. Shaquille Oneal's arch nemesis. To pull a "Vlade" means to intentionally fall down after even the lightest of contact. A.K.A. The King of Flop, Floppy Divac, Sir Flops Alot, The Serbian Flop Monster
The crowd erupts after Vlade Divac drew the charge once again after being touched by Shaq's shoelace.
by Ryan D. January 01, 2005
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The King of Flop. So called center who falls to the ground with very little contact to draw a foul.
Vlade's defender sneezed on the other end of the court, and Vlade fell down causing the offical to call a foul.
by Luigi July 20, 2004
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Vlade Divac is a center for the Lakers. He is a Serbian King. He doesn't flop.
by Vlade Rules March 18, 2005
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AKA. Floppy Divac
Vlade tries to get a whistle with that flop. Shaq slams it down.
by A. R. March 27, 2004
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