1. A person's college or high school of attendance.
2. Also refers to a school's anthem or song.
My alma matter is Penn State University.
I can sing my school's alma mater.
by Tyrannus Maximus July 11, 2006
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An institution that has ceased to give a flying fuck about you post-graduation but keeps in touch in case you do something they can publicize or make money they can ask for.
My alma mater sent a donation envelope to my shack in the hood.
by FoxBat March 27, 2008
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first full album by the band forever the sickest kids. totally bad ass.

1. Whoa Oh! (Me Vs Everyone)

2. Hey Brittany

3. My Worst Nightmare

4. Believe Me, I'm Lying

5. The Way She Moves

6. She's a Lady

7. Uh Huh

8. Phone Call

9. Breakdown

10. That for Me

11. Coffee Break

12. Catastrophe

13. Indiana

14. Becky Starz (Remix)
Hey, FtSK just came out with their new album,Underdog Alma Mater!

i dont give a fuck
by weasly May 4, 2008
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