"Low Level" (or "Low-Level") is a derogatory term to insult an individual with Fortnite Syndrome (Not a real disability) The word originates from the levelling up system in the game Fortnite which is measures the experience a player has. The original use of the word was to mention a player with a noticeably lower level compared to their friends, which quickly became shameful

This term is accompanied by the word "Fortnite-Syndrome" (or "FS") which is the correct term to mention an individual who finds serious struggle in real life interactions simply due to obsession of "Fortnite".

Those words grew popularity at around the same time which made them associated. However, the word "Low-Level" is already used by victims of Fortnite Syndrome since their typically ones knowledgable about levels.

Eventually, the use of this word would get to a point where even players get easily annoyed by this term because of how repetitive and bland it is. Especially since the most popular phrase this word is used in is "Your such a low level". And this would be noticed by outsiders who would catch on to the word by observing how players used it. So it started mimicing Fortnite Language.

The phrase "your-such-a-low-level" has lost its insulting sting and has became more of an easy way to get anyone annoyed if used correctly. But it's also being used in real life, for example; After someone misses a Basketball shot, the opponent might say "Your-such-a-low-level"
1. His Fortnite account has a Low-Level

2. Your such a Low-Level

3. Those Low-Levels are playing Fortnite again

4. Stop being such a Low-Level
by ziqz November 9, 2022
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The ongoing IRS scandal, the Planned Parenthood scandals, ACORN etc

"Not my fault! It was those damn low level employees!"
by marshland June 1, 2013
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1. Term used for those who are "too cool to obey rules"
2. Failure to achieve simple task

3. Acquires more than 3 FAILS per day
4. Operates at a very low low level
Mr. Miller: Alright class good day, don't forget tomorrow is our picture day, so wear your uniforms to school.

..next day..
Gilbert: Mr. Miller I forgot my uniform...
Mr. Miller: You are a Low Level Operator!
by Band101 February 3, 2011
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Something that although somewhat flattering is a compliment you are not proud of.
Girl 1: Hey, I saw that perv Nick staring at you with his hand in his pants.

Girl 2: That is some pretty low level flattery.
by happilysilent1 June 19, 2015
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another phrase for taking a huge dump.
if i dont do a little low level bombing here soon i think that my asshole is going to explode.
by the cbar July 28, 2007
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Synonymous with "noob." Someone who is bad at a video game.
Piethagoram and StormBiscuit are low level nevilles
by •Nevo September 1, 2015
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The motion of thrusting upon a partners leg which is defined by three corresponding elements of:
A. Position
B. Intensity
C. Range

A. In a crouched position, with hand supporting lean, helping you drive you pelvic region against your partners appendage.

B. This entails the speed at which you are thrusting in such "humping" motion.

C. The length of trajectory from furthest point to contact between genitals and leg.

Please note: Low level dry humping and the action of grinding are similar but different.
"I don't like to dance at clubs, because my attempt at grinding always turns into low level dry humping."
by dryhumpers November 11, 2015
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