1. Opposite of Top tier

2. Usually the one of the worst and often un-picked character in a game. This character is usually never chosen in serious play, and more times than not has bad attacks and low defense.

3. Not great, bad
Sean, the other 48 characters in MvC2, Dan

"LOL his team is so low tier, he wordlost at the select screen/word"

"This sandwich is low tier :("

"His PNRZ was rather low tier"
by Tweakumz July 08, 2003
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solid and stable by nature yet cosmetially shabby and undesirable
my first car was pretty low teir...
by mercedes April 23, 2004
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A bad/unfunny meme, that just isn't even worth being called a meme
Wtf is that low tier meme you just posted bro?
by TheLokiParadox May 09, 2016
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A term used to describe a homosexual male who prefers multiple large insertions but keeping people he idea he's in charge dellusionaly in his head even shouting insults from the bottom aka low tier but ultimately he's the bitch.
Man D Sparrow is The Low Tier God, every inch.
by A. Scholar May 25, 2021
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Used to define a fighting game player who uses low-tier characters and achieves unexpected results. The "real" part is to distinguish themselves from Low Tier God, the name of a player who is commonly mocked for being salty and not actually good with low-tier characters.
by NeedIdeaForUsername March 24, 2019
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Low-tier is a phrase that will ultimately shut down any argument. This could be the ultimate weapon to fuckin salt the wounds of any opponent trying to recover from a loss
Me:"Your mom's DEAD Jim"
Jim: infuriated stumbling for a comeback "WELL AT LE-"
Me: Screaming in the mic to assert dominance at 3am on a school night "Low-Tier! Low-Tier! Low-Tier!
by That Guy that knows Nick October 15, 2020
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