the name you give someone when you learn they are just for you . it is someone you can fall in love with .
he is my loserface .
by mindyyy January 13, 2008
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losβ€’erβ€’face n.- one who is a failure at life, and will live the duration of their adult life as a hobo in a box
The loserface picked his nose for food, and wished he could be more like the amazing Tara Jacobson who is just so cool.
by Yo Mamma November 18, 2003
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Someone that you really like and tend to childishly mess around with. i.e. in instant messenger.
quibbers: your such a loserface
cherriezzz<3: why do you always call me that?
quibbers: i donno, i kinda think your awesome :)
by aienache December 30, 2009
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(n.) An uber loser; a major loser; one who has face-planted into loserdom.
"Man, that dude just walked into a parked car while texting on his gay blackberry!"

"Wow! He hit his face too! What a loserface."

"Totally brah."
by nighthawk1530 October 08, 2009
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