Lorr. A girl who loves hard. Maybe a little to hard. She’s sarcastic and most of the time she takes her jokes to far and it hurts people, but she’s just joking and doesn’t realize she’s hurting you so don’t take it seriously. She probably is just showing her affection. If she’s IN LOVE you’ll know. She’s vwry open..probably to open but it’s okay. She’s emotional on the inside, out going on the outside. She’s a true sweet heart, very unique if you even get the chance to meet a Lorr...keep her cause she’s trule amazing.
That girl is so open and sweet must be a Lorr
by Squib November 15, 2017
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Lorr is an amazing human being who truly cares for others. Often times people see her as someone who doesn’t care what people say but she does a lot. She’s a smart person with a great personality. Lorr can make anyone’s day better
Are you sure about this Lorr girl
Yeah I’m sure, she’s absolutely amazing
by MaxieV May 4, 2019
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A wonderful woman, caring, and compassionate. she will always look after her children no matter what trouble they are in. she does not like people who are just out to push her around and she will not take shit from anyone. she is a dark haired woman but can act like a "dumb blonde" sometimes(but what women dont) all around she is considered to be a very outgoing, friendly person who always puts others needs above her own, she is funny, and she is very pretty inside and out, AND ANY MAN WOULD BE CONSIDERED EXTREMELY LUCKY TO BE WITH HER SO TREAT HER WITH THE UTMOST RESPECT AND SHE WILL DO THE SAME BUT IF YOU BETRAY HER YOU HAD BETTER BE A EXCELLENT RUNNER BECAUSE SHE WILL NOT TAKE LIGHTLY TO IT....OVER ALL THOUGH SHE IS PERFECT.
by rail1 December 19, 2016
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taken after the silver screen hungarian actor, peter lorre...he was considered not-so-fine by hollywood execs, however, all women wanted him, and men wanted to be him. he had charm, was called, 'appetizing', and despite his short stature and huge eyes, has a mystic, charm that boils down to a fine brandy of pure sexiness.
theres something about that guy...he's such a peter lorre
by tami1212 July 21, 2011
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