If you have a Loretta, you are very lucky
Lorettas are smol, amazing and the gayest children ever
If you know a Loretta, and are happy about it, you are probably also gay, or at least LGBTQ+ supportive
Loves animals and can read for England, America, and probably every other country in the world
They are very much obsessed with musicals, especially Dear Evan Hansen and Waitress, and would probably do very well if they acted in them
If you wish to befriend a Loretta, you may find them lurking around any local librarys, book shops, pride parades or theaters
Me: hey I'm making you an Urban Dictionary defenition!
Loretta: Can I buy a mug of it for my father Manley?
by Obsessive child February 15, 2020
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Loretta’s are usually mean and control freaks! It is always their way or the high way. If a Loretta does not like your outfit or a hobby or really anything you like that she doesn’t she will call you out for it no problem!
Girl one: * Minds own business walking down the road*
Loretta: Honey, Mind your own business! Ew what is that on your shirt?!
Girl: Umm umm a pink heart that says love. * She says close to tears*
Loretta: (Disgusted) Oh ok! 😒😬🙄
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somebody who doesn’t reciprocate
"Hey Loretta"
Loretta: ...
by RealmKnew September 01, 2020
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