The highest-ranking law enforcement officer in the United States of America. He or she is appointed by the current President of the United States to serve at the cabinet level for as long as the appointing President is in power. He or she must be confirmed by the United States Congress before he or she can take the oath of office.
by Nicolai August 11, 2004
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An Attorney General is when a doctor is giving you a prostate exam and he stimulates it to the point of pleasure and release. It's an acronym for Anal G-spot
I went to the doctor yesterday and had a visit with the Attorney General.
by Dr. Feelgooder October 30, 2013
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Eric Holder is a perfect example of a token puppet nigger appointed to the position of U.S. Attorney General that functions as dictated by a racially biased, self-serving, administration that will not uphold the law with respect to any legal issue that may reflect negatively on blacks, whom they rely on to further their political agenda(s). At the time of this writing, two major issues face this scum sucking moolie. The first being the refusal to pursue black on white crime as 'hate' crime, even though it is obvious to everybody that this was the motive. The second is the 'Fast and Furious' scandal that ultimately helped cause the deaths of law enforcement personnel. The agenda here being the false argument in favor of banning semi-automatic firearms, claiming they are falling into the hands of criminals across the border. This of course they would hope would open the flood gates to still more forms of gun control in an attempt to disarm the American public.
That shitstain Eric Holder - Attorney General is refusing to present documents relating to the Fast and Furious scandal to congress. I hope they don't just nail the spook for contempt, but throw his worthless watermelon ass in the slammer with some Aryan Brotherhood folks. Ever see the videos of this coon talking about brainwashing America’s youth against firearms? A prime example of how a nigger feels this country should be run.
by Larry Major In Omaha September 24, 2012
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