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A pre-made frozen food snack consisting of a filling wrapped in a tortilla. Generally the most economical frozen burritos are high in sodium, simple carbohydrates, and fats. Healthy frozen burritos have made an entrance to the market at a premium price (Often times 500% the cost of an economical burrito).

Frozen Burritos are often consumed as "munchies" while under the influence of marijuana or after a drinking binge; or both.
"I just got 40 frozen burritos for eight bucks!"

"Dude, those ones have trans fats in em."
by ephidryn November 13, 2008
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Scott's word for penis.
used ofen with the word "chris' mom" or "elysia"
used in perverted jokes
used in pervered stories
therefore is used by scott a lot

also, a thing you buy at the supermarket, usually for you're girlfriend.
d00ds i bought this frozen burrito at the supermarket

scott: OMG ROFLMAO WTF do you even know what that means????

STFU u pervert
by Scott's Little Helper- SLH February 16, 2005
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