The act of taking off all of your clothes and sitting on the toilet to take a dump.
Man, I was at Brian's apartment yesterday, and he totally forgot someone was in the bathroom. He opened the door and accidentally caught a glimpse of Jon lopezing
by ChBwd May 21, 2009
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Term used to call someone a sexy mexican:also can be the sexiest kid ever alive
Woman 1: dude you know that kid jim
Woman 2: Yeah he is such a Lopez
Woman 1: I know i'd let him play with my poontang any day
Woman 2: God, that Lopez, i would fuck him anyday.
by Tmac neeg December 14, 2005
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a really bruh dude.

sometimes cool but sometimes... really COOL!
(randy) im gonna have a gamer saturday!

(joe) haha what are you a lopez!

(randy) bro thats COOL
by Peepoo420 July 26, 2018
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(noun) a desicription
describes the ass of a female in the shape of J-LO or other exquiste shape. Always used by itself!
A woman walked by Tom and Harry, Tom softly exlaims; "lopez"
by Anonymous August 01, 2003
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The act of someone altering your ideals of beauty by being attractive in so many ways, including physically, as to redefine beauty for you entirely; The act of being humbled with respect to your superficial manners of categorizing and simplifying the world around you using arbitrary standards (and asinine statements) which have no real relationship to reality, true desire or appreciation of beauty; the act of admitting that, no matter what ideals of beauty one holds true in general, most of the time the greatest beauties that are expeerinced in life are those which challenge prefabricated, prescriptive and ultimately limiting ideals.
A foolish young woman was lopezed by a dashing man who wore a funny helmet when he rode his bike through center city traffic at rush hour.
by M. Kearney July 27, 2005
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To completely sell out a person/friend in a sneaky underhanded way
Man I didnt see that coming, that dude really lopez'd me today
by thisorthat November 03, 2011
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