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That one person that steals all the loot leaving behind a wasteland of nothingness for everyone else, to the dismay and almost always negatively influencing his party through either leaving them with their financials ruined or with no gear, though most of the time a combination of the two.
Vognir: *silence*
MLG: *where's vognir?*
Confiq: *He's pushing, so either we all int and push or we don't get loot*
MLG: *lmao goddamn loot goblin*
by 3601337noscop3s March 31, 2020
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Someone in a video game, typically a battle royal, that takes every bit of loot they find regardless if they actually need it or can even use it much to the annoyance of their team. Often prone to looting dead enemies before reviving teammates and taking the best stuff for themselves even if they did fuck all to help.
"I swear to God Rolland,if you don't stop being a Loot Goblin I'm going to drive down to Florida and strangle you myself!"
by rollz3 February 28, 2019
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Someone who, after fire fights in battle royale games, takes all the loot....even before reviving their teammates.
"Aye man! Come revive me! Quit being a loot goblin I only have 10 hp left!
by Shabboi February 06, 2018
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A bastard team-mate in Fortnite that would rather pick up loot than FUCKING REVIVE YOU!
Guy 1: Revive me pls
Guy 2: Just wait a minute there's a scar here.
by A pissed off Fortnite Player February 15, 2018
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A player in fortnite named AboToes
AboToes won't shut up about loot

AboToes took all of our loot, what a loot goblin
by xxxtentacionlad March 26, 2018
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