It will be hard to revive the human values if they have been to jail for a year.
by Princy Shah December 31, 2019
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Eminem's ninth studio album. Set to release Dec.15, 2017 According to Dr.Dre and Eminem himself.
I'm going to listen to Revival on the 15th of December.
by moe228 December 2, 2017
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Epic Gamer:Man have you heard about Revival?
Other Epic Gamer: Yeah I’ve been playing on it for so long, I have full netherite and elytra.
Hot Babe: Woah, he plays Revival, he’s so hot! I want to sleep with him!
by The epic gamer man March 3, 2021
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lol let's split revival, they have no members that actually play
by Hardcoremineman May 16, 2018
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When you celebrate your birthday your birthday on another day that is not even close to the day of.
My birthday was kind of a drag, but my revival is gonna be fun!
by Metalmonster November 16, 2019
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The way to get the most wet pussy and thots is to join the Minecraft server Revival.
John: Relax hoes relax
by WetPussyMCGaming March 3, 2021
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Something that a lot of 12 year old SM64 hackers start but never finish
Brandon: I'm making a beta revival hack
Skelenio: I can steal models for you if you give pleasure and permission
by electrocirno May 18, 2019
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