Rolland, a cool kid. Unique and superior to the Roland's consisting of only one L. Rolland has two because he hands it out frequently to scrubs. Rolland is into penguins and has a strange infatuation with Chef Boyardee. Overall is a nice, wholesome guy. Rolland is an observant, perceptive person, so don't try lying to him, because he'll find out in a matter of seconds. He also has trouble listening to orders, so you must threaten him to get him to comply.
Geoffphrey: "Yo...who's that guy over there with the nice ass?"
Vienna: "Yeah that's my friend, ROLLAND."
Geoffphrey: "Awesome!"
by viennasausages October 11, 2019
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A street smart cutie pie who will never listen to you. Always impulsive and loud. Extremely caring and often very appreciative. Great in bed but never tells or show off.
That guy is so a Rolland. How dreamy...
by RC Mak February 4, 2010
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To 'Rolland' is to be a complete and utter cheating prick. Often used to refer to a referee in sport.
"Ahh man, can't believe we lost! That was never a foul at the end!"
"Yeah, I know! The ref was such Rolland!"
by wdragon May 13, 2012
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I go to takes a rollands barbe.
by Julian December 3, 2004
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When ur tripping so hard that ur eye start rolling but you are still rolling dem blunts
Im so rolland roll right now I'm not able to roll a joint
by Supreeeemmmekid February 15, 2017
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a well smart intellagent person with a great deal of passion cant bullshit her she is right on it beautiful spirit with so much to give to the world wont ake noones shit
jojo rolland ia smart, loyal, nogame people, loving , kind , caring
by a personable people person December 3, 2012
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