1. New Age term applied to energy produced by human beings that other entities use to feed from. 2. It is also used to refer to the energy that is produced by suffering that entities feed. From books by Robert Monroe. Maybe a play on the French word Louche.
Aliens feed off the loosh of humans for food.
by LightShift January 18, 2009
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1.an energy generated by all organic life in varying degrees of purity, the clearest and most potent coming from humans-engendered by human activity which tigers emotion, the highest of such emotion being Love/Loosh
Something, Somewhere ( or both, in millions, or uncountable) requires, likes, needs, values, collects, drinks, eats, or uses as a drug (sic) a substance ident Loosh. This is a rare substance in Somewhere, and those who posses Loosh find it vital for whatever it is used for.
by Malcalypse October 28, 2010
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Loosh is an experimental measurement for the non-visible energy which permeates all life forms and physical matter which proves the existence of god through the ideological support of density and universal law

(Precursor Of Sunlight) > Sun > Sunlight travels through different variants of physical matter creating mutations which produce infinite versions of the original (precursor of sunlight) which is the non-describable god.

Proof of Loosh:
Cows eat grass / vegetation / lots of water (which can be measured in various forms)
Humans / carnivorous predators eat cows

If humans can eat cows and cows eat grass and the grass comes from a long chain of mutant reactions then this is proof that the same energy in different densities is compressed and harvested by however you wish to identify the (Precursor of sun - GOD).

Loosh can be harvested by all life forms but for reasons which I wish not to explain you will have to work this out for yourself.
Oh mate! Phil proper looshed us when he said he was going to lick Holly's face on Morning TV the other day.
by SueDoughNims May 25, 2021
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derived from Lucius Lewis(1914-2006)Oakland, CA created by LDeez
1. The act of being fly in an innovative way.
2. A fashion foward aesthetic.
3. nickname for the Lucius Blaq label.

1. "Ooh gurl, I just love those stilletos you got on. Dem is real Loosh!"
2. "I keeps it real Loosh, Like Whaaa! Shakin' all these haters that wanna give me "me" a thumbs down! You beezies."
3. "I got that Loosh on my head and feet, freezer burn on my wrist and neck, lookin real luxurious. Straight stuntin'!"
by Mac Neez September 24, 2007
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Google "Ricky Dearman polygraph test"
The FBI polygraphers will clean-up this mess. Loosh
by Ringwind March 4, 2016
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nawlins native who gets dat pussy wet
damn son, you a loosh meister
by Margi K October 14, 2010
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One who acts like a dousche, but it five times worse
Dylan, stop being a dousche-a-loosh
by Terchek November 16, 2006
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