(Luk at Gawd)

1. When you do something so impressive that others have no alternative but to recognize that you are god, so you tell them to "Look at God".

2. Said in reference to somebody else when you recognize they are extraordinarily talented.
Scenario 1:
Video game playing Mark: "I'm going to put the smack down on that ass, pick up the sticks"
Video game playing Mark's friend: *hit's him with a sticky nade (or throwing knife) from across the map, blindfolded, and with one hand stuck between his cheeks* "Look at god, son!"

Scenario 2
Rap listener 1: "Hey have you heard this new Ye thing? It's aight."
Rap listener 2: "Aight? It's straight bangin'! Look at god!"
by Jerry Minefeld November 23, 2022
When you come to a stoplight and casually glance over to the car next to you and see the driver picking his nose. He notices that you’ve caught him knuckle deep. So you both look away and feel awkward until the light turns green and you book it, never to see him again.
The stoplight look away is something that happens to everyone but no one talks about it
by Buttermybizkit May 25, 2021
Ok you must have listened to KSI ft. Ricegum's new song before looking this one up. Fair enough !

So this one was directed at 'Ethan', one of the Sidemen members known as "Behzinga" and it's basically KSI asking Ethan how much wood can a woodchuck, CHUCK, if the woodchuck looked like him, which means if the woodchuck was FAT like Ethan.

So basically he's calling Ethan fat... From the start KSI seems to sum up the whole song !

I have a feeling that the 'Yo Mama' channel would like these fat jokes.
JJ : How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if the woodchuck looked like you ?
Ethan : Idk, if you're calling me fat are we counting the fat in your tits ?
Supa Hot Fire and his crew : OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH
by G-F0rc3 August 13, 2017
The quick glance, when looking for an item, a female significant other makes when her husband has asked her to look for something that she deems unimportant or just, would rather, not have it found.
"She totally did a woman-look when I asked her to pick up my game. It was right where i said it would be!"
by Silkenthread August 24, 2018
a sub world in RAIN WORLD were its COMPLEATLY barren of life (except SHOCK jelly fish (idk what they are), neon flies, and LOOKS TO MOON.) there really Isn't much to do here besides looking for those collectable plants and visiting looks to moon
by someone else thats not u March 8, 2021
When a male individual looks 25 degrees downwards and you know he is looking at a good booty
You: Looking at a girls fine booty
Friend: Looking at a 25?
You: Hell yeah 25
by Titol May 6, 2018